Master Polishers are a French polishing company working solely in London and Greater London area. Mediabreeze was tasked in optimising their website to appear on the first page for a number of keywords, we identified a number of keywords to target in the first instance, those being:


Our first task was to connect the site up to Google Search Console, every site should be connected to this free service provided by Google. It enables site owners to check their site performance, see how their site is ranking for different search queries and how much traffic those queries provide or could potentially provide. It also points out errors that need to be addressed, 404 errors (missing pages) it also tells you if Google can access your content – because if it can’t, your site will never rank organically.

We checked for any on-page errors, duplicate meta titles and descriptions fixed any that would be causing the site problems, the first thing we identified that there was no H1 title on the home page and no mention of any of the keywords they wanted to rank for on the home page either.  So we set to work adding those along with the Meta Title and Meta Description for the page.

French Polishing In London

Organic Shift After Just 1 Week

SEO Positions After 1 Week

After 1 week we already a huge shift in a number of keywords and our focus keywords were showing a great result and are continuing to rise. After 3 weeks we have a page 1 ranking for “London Polishers”, “french polishers in London” is sitting at position 12 and we hope by the new year that will firmly be on a good page 1 slot.

We will be continuing to optimise the site and we have already identified some key areas and key phrases to target, we are currently busy writing some great content to add to their website  in areas they are lacking (Google likes great content). So what this space! I hope to do an update very soon as to the progress they have made.